Creative Concertina Sketchbooks 4 - Figure/People

Learn how to develop stunning mixed media concertina sketchbooks on the theme of Figure/People.
50 short videos and instructions

From Karen:

Welcome. Please watch the video on the right to hear all about the course.



Are you ready to shake up your figure drawings??


I am a professional artist and teacher who loves nothing more than travelling and collecting in my sketchbooks. I have taught 1000's of people on workshops, art holidays and in the classroom. I truly enjoy sharing the sketchbook techniques that I have learnt through the years, which have developed from my own collage paintings and observation drawing.  

On this course I will share with you these techniques, using drawing and collage in a fun way in a concertina sketchbook.

This is a pre-recorded course that you can start anytime. You have it for life.

This course uses some techniques used in Creative Concertina Sketchbooks 1-3 and also some new techniques. It is about being creative with the clothed figure and removing any fear of 'figure drawing'. Although I do a short lesson on proportions, this course is definitely not about drawing the figure realistically. I show you ways to make quirky and exciting compositions in your books, with lots of collage, incorporating the clothed human figure as an interesting shape and subject matter.

I also wanted to make a course that was inventive with techniques and didn't involve lots of expensive equipment and materials. Hopefully you'll find most materials used here in your own art box/studio. We only use a very small amount of each material; please don't go and buy new pens and paints, as I'm sure you can adapt with the equipment that you have.

It would be great to have a printer/scanner, as I use this a lot to work from secondary source material i.e. magazines and photographs, but you can also do most of this with tracing paper. It would be wonderful if we all had a willing life model, but we don't, so instead I have made this course working from magazine images or my sketchbook drawings (from online figure class). If you can draw from primary source material, i.e. real life, then please do!

In each lesson I will introduce new  ideas or materials using the clothed figure as a subject. I will give you the tools and confidence to develop your books in a loose, creative collage way.

The course is divided into eight lessons and is suitable for beginners and those who are experienced artists who want to shake up their realistic figure drawings.The lessons are based an intensive two day workshop, but realistically it is more like four days! You will benefit hugely from the online community using a closed Facebook group where you can share your work with other participants as well as  myself.

There is a short video here that may answer a few questions.

If you would like to find out a bit more about my art practice and studio time I do have a monthly art newsletter Arty News

Is this the course for you?

Are you...

Afraid of 'drawing' the clothed figure as it seems too difficult?

Stuck as how to start using the figure in a free way that is still recognisable?

Wanting to add more interest than just a drawing?

Desperate to use the figure in your work but don't know where to start?

Too busy to attend classes and cannot find a suitable sketchbook class?

Happy to work around your own commitments?

Ready to fall in love with the concertina book that offers page after page of changing scenes?


What you will learn

  • How to use mixed media in your sketchbook
  • Lots of creative techniques and exciting mark making.
  • That you don't have to be able to draw perfectly!
  • How to free up and respond to the clothed figure - from secondary images such as magazine photographs or online figure classes.
  • How to easily fill page after page with exciting images


Course content


Lesson One - Making your book from two sheets of paper.

Lesson Two -  Working from secondary source materials to make stencils and collage papers.

Lesson Three - Defining edges and figure proportions

Lesson Four - Loose figure drawing

Lesson Five - Collage and Patterns

Lesson Six - Masking tape figures

Lesson Seven - Respond to your marks with pens, wash and collage

Lesson Eight - Refining and completing your book

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"I'm so looking forward to this one!! Your style is just plain IRRESISTIBLE!"

- Margaret


"Oh yes! This will definitely get rid of my fear of drawing the figure!"

" I have gained many unexpected things from this course - am delighted. Thank you" 

Josie & Robyn


"I have always been afraid of working from the figure. When I tried it just looked wrong! You have taught me to approach it in a free way looking at shapes and line - and my figures just seem to appear !"

- Rachael

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