Free Up 2: More Fun in your Sketchbook

Continue to play and have fun in your book after completing Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow
Six modules and over 40 short videos and instructions.

From Karen:

Welcome. Please watch the video on the right to hear all about More Fun in Your Sketchbook.



Are you ready to have More Fun in Your Sketchbook  ?

I like to think of this online course as Free Up part 2, and natural follow-up to the fun we had in Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow.

Many of you asked for another course where you could continue experimenting and developing in your sketchbook without any pressure to produce a final piece. This is what we are going to do.

On this course I have experimented with dry materials - no acrylics! When I say dry, I mean collage papers, magazines, drawing tools and various ways to experiment with them.

This is a pre-recorded course that you can start anytime. YOU HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS!!

As is my way, this course uses my usual mark making starting techniques to begin with, and then we are off! 

I like being inventive with techniques that don't involve lots of expensive equipment and materials. Hopefully you'll find most materials used here in your own art box/studio and even kitchen. We only use a very small amount of each material; please don't go and buy new pens and paints, as I'm sure you can adapt with the equipment that you have.

I want you to continue developing your books in a loose, confident and creative collage way. For this course I have worked on the back of my Free Up book; you can use anywhere from 20-40 sides, as many as you want.

The course is divided into¬†six¬† lessons,¬†comprising in total over 60 short videos. I have also included a zoom call with a past Free Up participant - Cynthia Del Giudice. ūüôā

The lessons are based a three-day workshop, but realistically it is more likely to take a week to complete! You will also benefit hugely from the online Kajabi Community group, where you can share your work with other participants as well as  myself.


If you would like to find out a bit more about my art practice and studio time I do have a monthly art newsletter Arty News that you can subscribe to if you have not done so already.

Is this the course for you?

Are you...

Missing the freedom of Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow?

Ready to play again?

Fiddling around in your sketchbook without much focus?

Desperate to get going again, but don't know where to start?

Too busy to attend classes and cannot find a suitable creative class?

Happy to work around your own commitments?

Ready to deep dive back into your concertina book and get a bit messy?


What you will learn

  • How to use manipulate secondary sources such as everyday magazine pages.
  • Lots of creative collage techniques and exciting mark making.
  • That you don't have to be able to draw at all!
  • How to continue freeing up and respond to your own mark making.
  • How to easily fill page after page with exciting images.


Course content

Introduction - Including a zoom recording with artist Cynthia Del Giudice. Cynthia is a Free Up Alumni.

Lesson One - Let's get going

Lesson Two -  Graphite Rubbings

Lesson Three -  Paper Collage and a complete redo!

Lesson Four - Font and Lettering

Lesson Five - Distressing Magazine pages

Lesson Six - Review and Resolve



What if I want to do Free Up again before this course?

You can buy this course anytime, and you have lifetime access.

If you would like to repeat Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow, with a group momentum and support you will need to sign up as an Alumni (80% discount ) Please follow this link.

Free Up is released each year at the beginning of November and mid February.

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Let's get back into the Free Up groove! 

I asked you want you wanted more of and this is what you said -


'I loved learning the various techniques. For example, I found it so valuable to learn that once I've glued down a piece of collage, I can extend the image on the collage piece "out" onto the sketchbook. I've used this in so many other projects since. 
And, honestly, your messy/brave/damn-the-consequences method working in your own SB absolutely stunned me. I had no idea I could be prissy until I watched how  you splodged and rubbed and "messed up" your pages!!! I was at once appalled and delighted! It gave me SO MUCH permission to experiment and not worry about being "good" or making it "nice." Hmm. Maybe this was the most important thing for me as it's an overall approach/philosophy I can use elsewhere."


"I love the idea of being shown a few techniques and setting off on the concertina journey, experimenting and freely playing with colour, lines, marks, patterns, collaging, mono printing, stamping, painting, drawing and so much more.  
And then painting it all over with black!!!"  



"The Free Up part!!! I learned techniques that shifted my orientation and it created a Sea Change in my process. I just told someone the other day about glue sticks and soft material like crumbled graphite, charcoal, and pastels. You could see in her eyes the moment everything changed. I did not take notes consistently so I will be taking the course again - and I look forward to the follow up course as well."

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