Creative Concertina Sketchbooks 1 - Buildings

Learn how to develop stunning mixed media concertina sketchbooks on the theme of Buildings.
Twenty short videos and instructions

From Karen:

Welcome. Please watch the video on the right to hear all about the course.



Are you ready to let loose and have a bit of fun in your sketchbook?


I am a professional artist and teacher who loves nothing more than travelling and collecting in my sketchbooks. I have taught 1000's of people on workshops, art holidays and in the classroom. I truly enjoy sharing the sketchbook techniques that I have learnt through the years, which have developed from my own collage paintings and observation drawing.  

On this course I will share with you these techniques, using drawing and collage in a fun way in concertina sketchbooks. In each lesson I will introduce new materials and you will build on the techniques learnt in the previous lesson. I want to give you the tools and confidence to develop your books in a loose, creative collage way. For this course we will work on the theme of buildings, but you can apply these techniques in an open ended way to any subject.

The course is divided into six lessons and is suitable for beginners and those who are experienced artists who want to learn new techniques. 

You will benefit hugely from the online community using a closed Facebook group where you can share your work with other participants as well as  myself.

For a free sample lesson please click here. You will see a lesson showing how we start to draw, after preparing pages with many techniques.

If you would like to find out a bit more about my art practice and studio time I do have a monthly art newsletter Arty News

Is this the course for you?

Are you...

Stuck?...Not even opened your lovely new sketchbook and don't know where to start on those pristine white pages?

Wanting to add more interest than just a drawing?

Desperate to loosen up but don't know where to start?

Too busy to attend classes and cannot find a suitable sketchbook class?

Happy to work around your own commitments?

Ready to fall in love with the concertina book that enables continuous 'drawing' - page after page of changing scenes?


What you will learn

  • How to use mixed media in your sketchbook
  • Lots of creative techniques and exciting mark making.
  • That you don't have to be able to draw perfectly!
  • How to free up and respond to the scene around you
  • How to easily fill page after page with exciting images


Course content

Lesson One - Let's get started with materials to break up those clean pages

Lesson Two -  Applying inks and collage papers

Lesson Three - Materials and techniques for rubbings

Lesson Four - Knocking back and more collage

Lesson Five - Ready to go sketching

Lesson Six - Drawing into your pages

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And it was well worth the effort! I won't give away Karen's secrets -  but I will say that she starts slowly to get us over the natural trepidation most of us feel. Dribbling ink and squirting it with water while it runs down five or six pages  must be a proven ice-breaker. After that it was just one bit of fun after another.

-Harry Bell


Thank you for a very stimulating lessons. It Is very interesting how everyone  interprets your instructions differently. I was somewhat out of my comfort zone as I normally like everything very ordered but there was an fantastic freedom doing the collage and I will definitely develop it further. So thank you for your time and enthusiasm.

-Jane B


I dove right in with the videos and note taking and I am sooo excited to start my sketchbook tomorrow. Thanks for offering such a great course Karen


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