Collage the Street with Karen Stamper


    Ready to wander the streets of your imagination ?


In 2022 I taught a lesson for Karen Abend's Sketchbook Revival programme.

As travel was still limited for a lot of us I based my lesson on my many travels, and my love of Mediterranean streets. So many people took part and it was wonderful to see such joyful streets, with people, washing lines, signs, dogs, lamp posts, cafes.

We could travel again - through our sketchbooks. The collaged scenes brought back so many happy holiday memories. 

As a bonus to the original 25 minute lesson I have included part 2, here I work on my book for another 20 minutes. You will hear and see my working progress as I make decisions on what to place where, and when to stop!

This is roughly a one hour lesson but you can expand it much more. You will also need to collect your collage papers.

How much does it cost?  £35

Materials you will need

1. Sketchbook /sketchbook pages. 

2. envelopes

3. magazines/photos  

4. pencil, posca, biro / ballpoint pen 

5. collage papers 

6. notepad edges

7. scissors

8. scissors / scalpel 

9. watercolours/water pot/brush

10. glue stick

11. printer labels

12. photocopy downloads

13. any other art materials you want to play with!



Every year I work with Karen Abend on her Sketchbook Revival series of artists workshops. This is a fantastic sharing opportunity for artists and participants alike. Every day, for two weeks, two artists teach mini lessons, these range from technical illustration to collaged streets. 

Below you can see wonderful streets by Anne Scott, Jane Faase and Gayle Hanby.

If you would like to find out a bit more about my art practice and studio time I do have a monthly art newsletter Arty News

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