Creative Concertina Sketchbooks 5 - Your Travel Sketchbook

Learn how to develop stunning mixed media travel concertina sketchbooks  
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From Karen:

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Are you ready to capture your travels??


This course is about making your own memories in a travel sketchbook, which is what I have done many times across a lifetime of travelling. It has been a joy to make a course for you where I can inspire you and share all my top tips, advice through lessons and demonstrations on location. I have had great fun looking back through my books to find examples and ideas for you to try, which I will share with you on this course

I have a lot of experience of travelling to France and Italy with small groups of artists - all keen to fill their sketchbooks using my mixed media techniques, so I know what your concerns are: Confidence to draw in public; where to start; where to sit; what to focus on; how to really look at your subject; what to leave out; how much equipment to carry; how to prepare; when to stop; searching for shade; dealing with noise, traffic, interested bystanders and impatient friends! We need to have a sense of humour, be adaptable and sometimes quick on the draw!

The main travel focus of this course is collaging and drawing the Mediterranean towns and villages (people that I know so well). There is an option of some basic perspective and a spot of sketching at sea!

Of course your travel may be to a local area or even your own town. You can adapt my lessons to suit and begin to look at your town through fresh eyes.

This course is about getting out there and getting on with it! I share all my personal inspiration using examples of my sketchbook drawings, collages and photographs from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Australia, Zanzibar, New Zealand and Bali to help you see the world through my eyes.I demonstrate working on location and back in my hotel room - and trying to keep it clean!

I share my top tips for preparing your pages before you travel, so you are not faced with a blank page when you are out and about. In series of lessons containing short videos and images, I give you at least 10 different subjects to focus on to capture the character of your trip.

The course is divided into six lessons, with 50 short videos of 1 -15 minutes, and is suitable for beginners and those experienced artists who want to shake up their travel studies  

Please note that this is not a how to draw course. It does not cover realistically rendered scenes or landscapes. It does not cover watercolour techniques or encourage lots of expensive materials. Some videos are self recorded on the streets or in a hotel room, so they are true to travel plans, i.e. not perfect. It is me sharing my lifelong love of recording my travels in my sketchbooks in collage, drawing and wash. My books are so precious - they tell my story and hold my life.

If you would like to find out a bit more about my art practice, travels and studio time I do have a monthly art newsletter Arty News

Is this the course for you?

Are you...

Not knowing where to look?

Afraid of the white page and don't know where to start when starting your travel sketchbook?

Stuck as how to capture the character of a place in a free way that is still recognisable?

Wanting to add more interest than just a drawing to your book?

Ready to fill your pages with collage momentos and lively drawings?

Too busy to attend classes and cannot find a suitable sketchbook class?

Ready to work on location, but not brave enough?

Ready to fall in love with the concertina book that offers page after page of changing scenes?


What you will learn

  • How to prepare mixed media pages in your sketchbook before you travel.
  • Ways to 'collect your setting' with creative techniques and exciting mark making.
  • How to see what really interests you.
  • That you don't have to be able to draw perfectly!
  • How to free up and respond to your travel journey - using a few easy techniques
  • How to easily fill page after page with exciting images that take you straight back to your trip.


Course content


Lesson One - Preparing before your trip.

Lesson Two -  On location.

Lesson Three - What to look for.

Lesson Four - Drawing

Lesson Five - Benefits of a concertina

Lesson Six - Work with confidence




Be Sketchbook Ready for Your Next Trip!



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"I'm so excited about this course. It was Karen's travel sketchbook that first drew me to her way of working. I want to create that kind of freedom in my book"



" I take my book on holiday with me every year but never manage to do much in it. Learning about preparing my pages first has been the boost I needed."



"My travel journal looks amazing! It really takes me back to the streets with all the sounds and smells and textures. I know, feel confident to work on my book, even the busiest town square!"


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