Free Up 3: Moving Out of your Sketchbook

Develop a series of collage paintings after completing Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow
Eight modules and over 40 short videos and instructions

From Karen:

Welcome. Please watch the video on the right to hear all about Moving Out of Your Sketchbook.



Are you ready to have Move Out of Your Sketchbook  ?

I like to think of this online course as Free Up part 3, moving straight out of our books after Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow.

Many of you asked for another course where I show you how I would move on, with starting points, collage, paint, some abstraction and some semi-abstraction. You also wanted to work in a series to develop your own vocabulary. This is what we are going to do.

On this course, I am mainly using collage papers and acrylics to build layers of a collage painting, as I do in my own work.

This is a pre-recorded course that you can start anytime. YOU HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS!

As is my way, this course uses my usual mark making starting techniques to begin with, and then we are off! I work on wooden panel and also paper.

Hopefully, you will have a collection of papers and acrylics left over from Free Up and Grow.

I want you to continue developing your work in a loose, confident and creative collage way. Exactly the same attitude as you had for Free Up - not being precious or tentative!

The course is divided into¬†eight lessons and over 40 short videos.¬†I have also included a zoom call with a past Free Up participant - Jennifer Mary Lehm¬† ūüôā

The lessons are based a four-day workshop, but realistically you could carry on working on this forever, although I encourage you to work in a small series.

You will benefit hugely from the online Kajabi Community group, where you can share your work with other participants as well as  myself.


If you would like to find out a bit more about my art practice and studio time I do have a monthly art newsletter Arty News that you can subscribe to if you have not done so already.

Is this the course for you?

Are you...

Looking at your Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow book and wondering how you can move on?

Ready to work on a small series on bigger scale?

Struggling with how to get going?

Desperate to get going again, but don't know where to start?

Too busy to attend classes and cannot find a suitable creative class?

Happy to work around your own commitments?

Ready to push your sketchbook ideas further?


What you will learn

  • How to go bigger from your sketchbook to panels or paper.
  • Lots of creative collage techniques and exciting mark making.
  • That you don't have to be able to draw at all!
  • How to continue freeing up and respond to your own mark making in paint and paper collage.
  • How to easily fill page after page with exciting images.


Course content

Introduction - Including a zoom recording with artist Jennifer Mary Lehm. Jennifer is a Free Up Alumni.

Lesson One - Prepare your panels and papers

Lesson Two -  Add Texture

Lesson Three -  Add Inks/Paints

Lesson Four - Transparent glazes

Lesson Five - Developing two paintings with acrylics and collage papers

Lesson Six - Developing two paintings with acrylics and collage papers

Lesson Seven - Developing two paintings with acrylics and collage papers

Lesson Eight - Review and fly!


What if I want to do Free Up again before this course?

You can buy this course anytime, and you have lifetime access.

If you would like to repeat Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow to get group support and momentum, you will need to sign up as an Alumni -  with a massive 80% discount! As an Alumni you will receive a discount code email from me mid October.

Free Up is released each year at the beginning of November and mid February.


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Let's move onwards to bigger collage paintings! 

I asked you want you needed after Free Up and this is what you said -


"Following you since taking the course, I am impressed and intrigued by your progression from sketchbook to larger pieces; from paper to combines.  I don’t know if you consider that teachable.  It is, in my opinion, showing up and doing the work.  And that is very admirable. I would add that your monthly newsletter is very appealing as well as the inclusion of yoga, music recommends, and poignant tidbits.  Thank you for all the dedication and hard work.  I will sign up for whatever you decide will be the content of your next course!."


"I’m always very inspired during a course but afterwards I just hit a wall and stop.

I would like more on how to expand and practice our own visual vocabulary. I liked how you had us go through and make notes on parts we liked. Something that builds on that.

Can you help with development from sketchbook to final pieces or making of a final piece as this is something I struggle to have the confidence to do."



 " I would like to know how to take ideas from the sketchbook and make individual pieces of work, much larger pieces. Also how to develop a themed approach so that the sketchbook contributes unusual/fresh approaches to larger pieces.

How to progress from the sketchbook to a painting taken from part of the sketchbook and develop a cohesive series of work.

Can you explore different substrates to work on please?"



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes please! This is just what I am looking for.


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