How Wild is Your Garden?

A 25 mini lesson packed with ideas.


Ready to get a bit messy to create your wild garden?

This is my 25 minute lesson from Sketchbook Revival 2020

Discover how plants, leaves, grasses and anything else you can find growing in a garden can be the inspiration for wildy free mixed media work in black and white.


Every year I work with Karen Abend on her Sketchbook Revival series of artists workshops. This is a fantastic sharing opportunity for artists and participants alike. Every day for two weeks two artists teach mini lessons, these range from technical illustration to messy gardens!

This year 2020 Sketchbook Revival came at just the right time, as the world went into lockdown. For many people staying creative was/is really hard so these workshops seemed to hit the right note and kept our minds focused for a while. 

 I have heard heart warming stories from participants: of adapting materials to fit my lesson (charcoal from the Australian bush fires) of permanently stained fingers, of letting loose and getting lost, of never daring to be so free. In these strange days of limbo and loss of momentum, sketchbook artists have honestly lifted my heart and soul, and kept me focused each day. It has been fantastic to see so many beautiful gardens growing, some from imagination and some from observation.

This mini lesson is the one from Sketchbook Revival, it is around 25 minutes is not a repeat of techniques from previous courses. In this lesson you will find at least 20 new ways to make marks, quickly and freely.

Below you can see quite different examples of sketchbook pages from fellow artists: Jennifer Mary Lehm, Tracy Wozniak, Anne Scott and John Tordoff.

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